क्या आपने अपनी गन के लिए सुरक्षा डोरी लगाई है |

A Good holster will hold your weapon. A lanyard will get caught on things. It is to attach a lanyard, (long piece of rope) so if your gun fell out of your holster or someone tried to take it, it would remain attached to you.During a struggle your gun may fall out of its holster but due to the lanyard, you would not lose it.

Pistol lanyard to prevent the loss of hand gun during survival game, damage caused by falling.
In order not to drop the hand gun during the maneuver, it will be connected to the lanyard link of the hand gun to prevent the fall.
Attach to the hand gun by hooking a loop-like string. (Install it like a mobile phone strap)
It is fixed to the body with a belt loop on the waist belt, and it connects to a hand gun through a rugged and supple spiral cord.
Since the detachable loop is provided on the way, you can instantly remove it even during a lanyard connection to make the hand gun free.

You Need Gun Sling/Lanyard/Gun Rop

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