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.32 To 9mm Ammunation 100 Rounds Capacity Box

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Want to hold up to 50 rounds of ammo conveniently? These flip top boxes are available in five sizes to accommodate any type of handgun ammo. They have an easy to grip, scuff-resistant textured surface and are stackable. The Snap-Lok latch and full length mechanical hinge are guaranteed for 25 years. Calibers for each box our molded into the bottom of each box. Load label included.


In bullet DOWN only: 38 Spec., 357 Rem. Mag., 22 Rem. 25-20 Win, Jet, 30 Mauser, 310 Cadet, 32 WCF, 32-20 Win, 327 Fed. Mag., 35 Win. S.L., 38 Auto Colt, 38 Long Colt, 38 Short Colt, 9mm Largo, 38 Super

Bullet UP or Down For: 5.7×28 FN, 7.62×25 Tokarev, 32 H&R Mag., 4.6x30mm, 7.5 Swed Nagant Revolver, 7.62 Nagant

Max. OAL= 1.66″