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  • 1-Lighter Can Be Brought On Flights With You! Minimalist and Stylish Design. Great for Cigarettes,Cigars,Camping,Indoor and Outdoor emergency,Sitting at the bar,or Playing Cards at the Casino!
  • 2-Easy to use – Lights up at the click of a button.Safety Feature – will not light up so long as the secure lid is closed.
  • 3-After 2 hours full charge lighter can be used up to 500 times.Windproof,No flame,No butane,No hassle,No problems.Reliable,Reusable,Rechargeable.Great alternative to Zippo, Bic, or Clipper brand gas filled lighters.
  • 4-Made by the Largest Smoking Sets Manufacturers — GW brand,provide Life-Time Warranty!
  • 5-Humanization design with Cleaning Brush and Gift Box.Exquisite and High Grade.Perfect Gift choice for Business or Love Family.

Out of stock

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ghter Rechargeable Plasma Windproof USB Electric Flameless Dual Arc Cigarette . Product Details:- USB electric cigarette Electric wire lighters usb rechargeable lighter2018 hot usb cigarette lighter Features: 1. Fashion Design. 2. Powered by a rechargeable battery and can be charged by USB, no gas/fuel is required. 3. Electrically operated and environmentally friendly, not create a flame. 4. Windproof and use intense heat to light cigarettes, can light a cigarette in any weather, perfect travel gadget. 5. Charging Type: USB 6. Condition: 100% Brand New 6. Size :74*35*12 mm(±1mm) 7. Package: 1 x USB Electronic Lighter >>>Tips: Charge 2 hours, can be used about 300 times, life: rechargeable 300-500 times. with a 5-second off the automatic protection function, when you first time use it normally takes one or two times to spot a cigarette, after using it three days, once done. (time is designed). >>>Attention: If the ignition in ash please put down, or blow it, do not clean up with a hard object, avoid getting off the heating wire, Heating wire won’t burn out, please be assured that use This cigarette lighter comes with a USB charging interface, USB model,