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Led Light Compass Thermometer Outdoor Camping Hiking Safety Tools
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Product features: the whistle is army green, lightweight and practical, cylindrical design, especially suitable for outdoor use. In the field it has not only whistled for people set and the role of lifesaving! Multi function combined with together: whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifier, mirror, LED light lights, small storage warehouse. Originally a hanging rope, Hanging around the neck is very convenient in outdoor activities ! Camping adventure, tourism and leisure supplies! High quality ABS material, the sound loud and clear.
When you get lost in the forest, the whistle is the best tool to help you send a signal. It is much less energy to whistle at regular intervals, and the sound of a high pitched whistle spreads farther..
[function]: Whistle / Compass /LED flashlight / survival information warehouse / magnifying glass / mirror / thermometer
1, the standard military high decibel whistle.
(sound chamber is professional design makes the whistler further more piercing)
2, Compass : refers to the North (South) needle
(high accuracy, clear and clear at a glance)
3, high precision thermometer
(faster and more accurate for the first time to master the current temperature)
4, survival reflex signal mirror
(use the sun’s reflection principle to search for the rescue workers to explain their position.)
5, fire magnifying glass
(in the case of wild without fire, you can use sunlight to enlarge the principle of focusing mirror, sunlight is refracted to the grass, leaves produce fire, is very convenient.)
6, LED flashlight
(in the case of no light in the wild, the emergency use of the lighting system, LED lamp life of 10000 hours)
7, sealed warehouse
(You can put your lifesaving information in it before you travel: write your name, address, telephone, blood type, etc. in order to rescue personnel on your case for the first time to master)
8, nylon Lanyard
(carry more convenient)
Material: High quality ABS
Size: Whistle length: 9.8cm
         Whistle diameter: 3cm
Package Including: 1 x 7 in 1 Outdoor Camping Emergency Survival Gear Safety Whistle