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Firearm Compatibility: Glock 19, Glock 23 Heavy duty injection molded polymer construction Ultra light weight and comfortable to wear Locking active retention system Front sight guide slot and magnets assist re-indexing of slide for quick reholstering Spring loaded design allows holster to quickly swing open once retention lock is disengaged for rapid access Uniquely designed to allow for quick one hand manipulation to chamber a round; ideal for agencies that require condition 3 carry Safely carry in condition 3 without sacrificing a speedy presentation of your weapon Adjustable belt loop system accommodates belts of various sizes Adjustable cant angle Adjustable holster height Orientation: Right Hand Draw Material: High Strength Injection Molded Polymer Weight:248g Package Content: 1x Quick Carry tactical holster.

Whether your preferred method of handgun carry is concealed or open, a quality holster that fits your preferred method, lifestyle, and carry condition is a must. In carrying a weapon, firearm conditions are a primary way to declare the readiness of the weapon.

The following is for reference. This holster is DESIGNED for Condition 3 only. If you do not understand the following guide, this holster is NOT for you.
+ Condition Zero (0) – Mag inserted, round chambered, cocked, safety off
+ Condition One (1) – Mag inserted, round chambered, cocked, safety on
+ Condition Two (2) – Mag inserted, round chambered, uncocked
+ Condition Three (3) – Magazine inserted, empty chamber, hammer uncocked
+ Condition Four (4) – Completely unloaded weapon

This holster is designed to fill a specific role and re-aquire some of the weapon presentation speed lost when running a weapon in Condition Three without sacrificing safety. This allows you to release the weapon and have a round chambered with one quick motion with just one hand.
+ To use: The weapon retention button is pressed and released allowing the holster to swing out. You then push the weapon down into the holster itself, which cycles the slide and chambers a round. The weapon is then lifted out of the holster for immediate use.
+ To reholster: Clear your weapon and return it to condition three. The holster is magnetized with a glide slot for your front sight for easy and quick indexing of your weapon before locking in place.

Other key features of this holster system is its open bottom design allowing the use of any lights and lasers without modification or adjustment to the weapon or holster.

Orientation: Right Hand Draw
Material: High Strength Molded Polymer
Adjustable: Belt loop system for height and cant angle
Spring Loaded Design: Swings the holster out quickly for rapid cycling