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62- Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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Gun cleaning and maintenance made easy!

There are 62 pieces in this Gun Cleaning Kit, to clean and maintain a wide range of firearms. Everything a customer needs is neatly organized and for a great price.  When we look at other cleaning kits in the market, they all fell a little flat. Some are too big and filled with lots of unnecessary pieces, some are too skimpy and had barely enough, or are only for one type of firearm. So we decided to make our own, with everything a customer could need to keep his favorite firearm humming like a well-oiled machine. From handguns to rifles, it’s all in here. This kit is is easily portable for trips to the range, best in durability, quality and value.

62- Piece Gun Cleaning Kit includes: * Latched hard plastic storage case with handle * Built-in custom parts organizer * Additional compartments to hold bottles of gun-cleaning chemicals * 3 Solid brass rods for .17-270-cal rifles and pistols * 3 Solid brass rods for 30-cal and larger rifle, pistol, shotgun and muzzleloader * 14 Bronze brushes * 9 Mops * 13 Spear pointed jags * 4 Slotted patch loops * 3 Utility brushes * 3 Muzzle guards * 3 Accessory adaptors for rifle/pistol, shotgun and muzzleloader * 50 Cleaning patches 3″ * 1.5″ * 50 Cleaning patches 3″ * 3″ * 4 Polishing cloths