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Rifle Sling Quick Detach Swivels Screw Studs Base Complete Bundle, Short & Long Sling Swivel Studs Machine Screw Base 1 Inch Loop

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: made of high quality strong and durable metal
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: quick detachable (QD) design, it can stops the metal swivel body from connecting the gun, making your hunting more fun
  • FACTIONAL FEATURES: fit most standard swivels and bipods, will perfect for mounting a sling to your rifle or shotgun
  • MULTIFUNCTIONL TOOLS: 2 white spacers included to insure a secure tight fit and not scratch the rifle or shotgun; For end adapter with stud installed in the barrel band of gun; One threaded swivel post for the butt stock and one front post with nut.

The kit comes with: 2 Screws (short & long studs: 2 Swivels 1 Inch Loop 2 white spacers

How to install with a minimum of tools and materials.

Step 1: So first off, let’s lay out the tools you’ll need:

Tools: – Power Drill – Drillbits (1/16″-3/16″) < 0.2″ – Tape Measure – Tape – Bench Vise with padding – As always, a gun vise is preferable – Su-er-gl-ue – Paper towels – Dremel with cutting head

Step 2: Mount Your Gun in the Vise

This step is pretty straightforward. Flip your gun upside down, with the trigger guard facing upwards.

Step 3: Measurements

Here’s where the tricky part comes in. Measurements will vary depending on the rifle you are using.

Step 4: Front End Installment

Important! Before you drill, you need to make one more measurement. In your kit should be two screws for mounting the swivels. The shorter one is for the front swivel mount. MAKE SURE THE SCREW IS NOT LONGER THAN THE STOCK IS DEEP!

Step 5: Drilling the Fore End.

Now, you are going to want to be very careful when you start drilling into the wood, as it can crack very easily. A hole punch can be handy to give your bit a place to start, or you can simply hit a drill bit lightly with a hammer to indent the wood.

Step 6: Drill the Rear Hole

Now, we pretty much follow the same process as before, but we will be drilling to a depth of a little over 3/4″ in the stock. Again, be very slow and

gradually increase the bit size.

Step 7: Installing the Screws

Place the screw in the hole, making sure to have the small washers installed if you have them. Insert a drill bit or small screwdriver into the hole in the head of the screw, and twist it until it is firmly emplaced.

Step 8: Swivel and Sling Installation

Now, you’re finally ready to install the actual swivel and rig a sling.

Product Description


detacheable Size Detail

Durable Material


Size Detail

Swivels Loop Size: 1 inch

Perfect for mounting a sling to your rifle or shotgun

Durable Material

The sling swivels is made of high quality steel, no need to worry anout the deformation when use.

Easy to Use

Quick detaching, quiet and smoothing.

Our sling swivel provide you the reliable locking for safety.