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GunAlly Elastic Ballistic Nylon Elastic Stretch Belt


  • NYLON STRETCHY STRAP: Belt strap is the new design, Stretchy nylon material is flexibility to fit your waist completely, comfortable without movement restrictions. No like those stiff leather belts, this can release enough freedom to soft your waist when squatting.

Gun Holster and Double Pistol Magazine Pouch.

  • Styles Nylon wide Belt Holster
  • Colt 1911.45 or 9mm Pistol Cover
  • Carrying  Magazine Strachable Size
  • Stronger Hold You Weapon
  • World Best GunAlly Brand Product

High Qualit Nylon Elastic  Holsters for your weapon that makes it safe and stylish, the handmade holsters are unique in its own made, we believe in offering quality and best services in order to make a family of viable connections.

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Black, Brown