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Cover the muzzles to prevent dirties, particles, sands, liquid (rain) entering the bore.If the dust particles or stone , or rain come into the bore without cover, it may cause the bore disable or explosive.  The muzzle covers can help you avoid trouble like these.And after cleaning , with the muzzle cover on, you can keep your gun more safe.

Soft rubber materials, which permit one size can suit for more calibers, and it can keep the muzzle tight , anti-slip as the material’s flexibility

3 main sizes can cover many caliber firearms:

Big size————-12 G,16 G,20 G,.50 cal.;

Middle size———.270 cal,.30 cal,.338 cal,.357/9 mm,.38 cal,.40/410 cal.;

Small size———-.177 cal,.20 cal,.22 cal., .32, .243/.25 cal.

Quick fitting on muzzle, use your hand to bent the 3 leaves clockwise, then press in the muzzle. Flexible leaves will keep inside the bore, anti-slid.

  1. Big –  One pack has 4 pcs 
  2. Medium – One pack has 4 pcs
  3. Small –   One pack has 4 pcs
  4. All in One –  One pack has 6 pcs ( 2 Big, 2 Medium, 2 Small )

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Big, Medium, Small, All in One