GunAlly Leather Rifle Ammo Cartridge Bandolier Belt Holder 

50″ long genuine leather bandolier shotgun ammo holder sized ti fit 38″-48″ waist. 7 adjustment holes You can do at Home more hole  for Big Size Waist . Carries 15 cartridges Rifle. Belt is3″ wide in the midle tapered to 1-1/4″ wide at the buckle. Waxed thread stitching. Made of hydrophobic genuine leather. Sturdy and durable. Open style, lighter wight , easy to use. Cartridges are NOT INCLUDED.

★ Open style hunting belt holder is equipped; with 15 round slots 30-06,315 etc. Bullet Cartridges
★ Holds cartridge shells in the loops which are fitted to size and not elastic, so they will never stretch out.
★ Adjustable strap to fit different waist sizes .

Reduced width of belt allows wearer to carry other needed accessories such as a knife pouch or case.

  • Made of top-grain leather and brass finished buckle.
  • Well designed belt holds 15 rifle shells in popular calibers.
  • Cartridges are NOT INCLUDED.