The Shoulder Bag for Concealed Gun carry features an adjustable elastic gun holder inside of the gun compartment.

GunAlly Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag Fits Gun Size/s: Revolver /Pistol

This is very comfortable shoulder bag specially designed for concealed handgun carry. The shoulder bag is manufactured of Canvas with forward main compartment covered by a flap . Design of the bag is features several compartments which offers plenty of space for documents, cell phone, spare magazines or speed loaders, knife and other personal belongings. Shoulder strap is fully adjustable to accommodate personal preference of bag owner. Rear portion of Shoulder bag for concealed gun carry – gun compartment is equipped by secured access opening panel. Inside of gun compartment you will find inner adjustable universal gun holder secured by Elastic. The shoulder bag for concealed gun carry is suitable for both right and left handed shooters. It can be used to carry a gun with tactical light or laser. The Shoulder bag for concealed gun carry will fit compact firearm up to size of Mediam Frame Revolver or Pistol.