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Small of the Back Concealed Carry Holster rides comfortably and close to your body for better concealment

This is the top of the line holster from India number one GunAlly Company  of holsters! This holster is handmade from the finest nylon. It fits your gun comfortably and its well-made construction is unmatched!! Enjoy a great holster for a great price!!!

Fits most handguns such as – GunAlly Small of Back Concealed Carry Holster TT-30,9mm,1911 Model Pistols

  • Wear Small of Back or Right Side/Hip
  • Adjustable Snapping Strap Holds Gun in Place
  • Sturdy Tactical Nylon Construction

The Small of the Back Concealed Carry Holster (SOB) offers great comfort and superior concealment. This holster uses belt loops at the front and rear to pull your handgun tight against your body for superior concealment, especially for persons who need to be on their feet like sales clerks, restaurant staff, plainclothes store security. The Improved angle/cant angle positions your handgun for faster drawing with full combat grip, more comfortable wearing, and much safer use. A regular Small of the Back (SOB) holster places your gun over the base of the spine. A fall or hard blow with your gun in that position could cause serious spinal cord injury. Our holster is engineered for kidney position (5 or 7 O’clock) to avoid that danger. The Modified Small of the Back Concealed Carry Holster is a quality SOB holster designed for no-nonsense, practical everyday use. It is a versatile and comfortable method of deep concealment for extended, all-day concealed carry.