Free up your hands during your travel with the GunAlly universal air rifle sling. This comfortably padded air rifle sling fits virtually any air rifle thanks to two adjustable loops on both ends of the sling strap. No sling swivels or studs are needed to install this sling. The shoulder padding is fitted with non Slip for maximum control. The barrel sling strap loop is won’t easily slide on your barrel.

The best feature about this sling over others is the way the sling mounts your gun with non-swivel system, this sling slides over the barrel and the stock with a loop, the tightened loop keeps it from moving.

If you do not have any pre-attached swivel clips for a sling and did not want to modify the rifle, even did not want to drill holes into the hardwood stock. The sling fits and works perfectly, could not ask for anything better than this.

Rough and rugged sling holds the gun in place tightly against your back shoulder. You can adjust the strap’s length to you desired comfort.

The heavy and high-quality sling is constructed by nylon material, will last forever.

• Fits any gun and rifle
• Lightweight design
• Quick and easy to adjust
• Comfortable non slip shoulder padding