.177 Cal
7.33 Grains
Wad cutter
500 pellets
This is considered the top ammunition for competitions all around the world. High precision when processing these products is significant for the whole range of the produced ammunition. Match Diabolos undergo a very thorough hand-picked quality control. Thanks tho this the top sportsmen can rely on the quality of the JSB Match Diabolo. It is mostly used for target shooting up to 10 metres. They are produced in a wide range of weight as well as diameter, so that they can be ideally produced for every single weapon. Ammunition tested by 10 meter shooting. The required result after five shots is a center to center of up to 4mm (more common result is around 2mm).The heaviest Match pellets (0,535g), are a perfect choice for more powerful air rifles (all modern compressed air-rifles), but according to our experience we know that even some air pistols simply love them.