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This product for used a self deference metal punch Self Defense, Martial Art Training, Paper Weight, Ornamental Brass Knuckle duster for personal security product Best Brand For Camping, Hiking, Survival, Pocket, Foldable, Huntng Knives

These Knuckle dusters also known as Brass Knuckles, are made of hardened-blackened stainless steel and have a high strength 550 paracord wrapped handle. These Knucks are designed for hand-to-hand self defense and can deliver a devastating blow to any would be attacker in need of an attitute adjustment. This 4-finger ring duster is both comfortable and concealable!


Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Handle Cord: 550 Paracord (Black)

Weight: 0.35 Lbs

  • Aluminum Construction