NOKRUST 999 PCP Pre-Charged Pneumatic Airgun Gun Oil 400 ML

• Suitable for Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifles, Air Guns, Rifles, Revolver, Pistols Airsoft and other precision items.

Safe to use on multiple surfaces like metals, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, painted surfaces and more.

• Temperature resistance ( -40°C to +200°C )

• Highly water repellent.

• Heavy duty corrosion protection.

• No action on seals.


• Clean the surface with ISCTM 05 or NOKRUST™ 60.

• Shake NOKRUST 999 very well.

• Spray from a distance of 15 – 30 cms.

• Wipe off excess oil if any.

NOKRUST 999 is a precision lubricant formulated for PCP Pre-Charged Pneumatic Air Rifles, Air Guns, Rifles, Revolver, Pistols, and other precision items.
Along with lubrication, heavy-duty corrosion protection, hydrophobicity, and good temperature resistance is provided by NOKRUST 999.