The snap caps are safe and efficient use, reusable dozens of times, shock-resistant, oil resistant protective arms.
Pack in One Piece
Each gauge contains a calibrated spring, which perfectly copy the resistance exerted by a true trigger during firing.

The external dimensions are perfectly identical to the true cartridges and can be used in semiautomatic weapons.

We recommend that you always use the click cartridge for dry practice, whether or not the manufacturer recommends it. The click cartridge is also suitable for identifying and improving the recoil comb. These click cartridges have a durable metal base that significantly extends their service life.

Simple but functional click cartridges for most bullets. When using a click cartridge, it is safe to fire the weapon empty, for example during dry training.

Technical features:

  • For dimension and drawning see the C.I.P. table for real cartridges.
  • All our plastic parts are made with specific materials, engineering polymer, shock resistant, oil resistance (firearms’ oil).
  • Terminal parts of the snapcaps is made with brass.
  • The internal spring is made in steel and each spring is calibrated. Each gauge contains a calibrated spring, which perfectly copy the resistance exerted by a true trigger during firing.

Stress test (for resistance to shock):

  • To make a correct stress test we have made a complete cycle of usage of the snapcaps:
    • Put the snapcap into the magazine
    • charging the snapcap into the chamber from the magazine.
    • Dry fre.
    • Extraction of the snapcap from the chamber.
    • Tested all the snap caps for 500 cycles.

Purpose of usage:

  • Blank firing, or training, firearm handling and shooting without true cartridges
  • Security during the cleaning of the guns
  • Trigger tension test, to adjust trigger tension
  • Stock the guns with these snap caps instead of real cartridges, for security.

Physical check before use:

  • Check that the gauge of the snap cap is correct for your gun
  • Check the structural integrity.
  • Check that the snapcaps is clean.


  • You can store the weapon in its box with snap caps inside, instead of true cartridge.
  • You can store the snapcaps into a plastic or cartoon box.
  • Very important: our snapcaps are tested to resist to the cleaning oil specific for firearms (such as Ballistol), you must not use different oil (such as cooking oil or Svitol). We suggest to use, for the cleaning, our specific cleaning kit, made of brass brushes, horsehair and wool.