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Note- Is not Grip is Gripe insert Groove Rubber



Tactical Wraparound 1911 Government or Commander Rubber Finger Groove Insert 

About this item

  • Fits 1911 Full Size Commander & Government Model.
  • Durable Rubber Texture – flexible and plenty of grip without the tacky feeling.
  • 1911 Full Size rubber finger groove grips for comfort and increased control.
  • Fits Snugly – Only 1mm thick, add very little to the overall width of grip.
  • Allows the user to use any type of side panel grips (wood, simulated ivory, pearlite, etc) and have front finger grooves.
  • Because the side portion of these grips are only 1mm thick the overall width is only minimally affected

– Fits: All 1911 Government (Full Size Only) & equivalent frame models
– Material: Rubber
– Color: Black
* Note- Is not Grip is Gripe Insert Groove Rubber Sleeve

Product Description

1911 rubber grips
1911 rubber grips
Gun grips
1911 rubber grips
Gun grips