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The Universal Bore Guide will help protect the bore and action of your rifle by properly aligning the cleaning rod and reducing solvent overflow. Cleaning without a bore guide can allow the rod to ‘bow’ and rub or gouge the chamber and throat of the bore, causing real damage and loss of accuracy. Keeping the rod properly aligned not only protects your barrel, it directs the force exerted on the cleaning rod handle allowing tight patches to be pushed more easily.

  • Protects chamber & bore from damage
  • Ensures proper rod alignment for easier cleaning
  • Reduces solvent leakage into gun’s action and has an integrated solvent port
  • Anodized aluminum tube for durability
  • Fits most bolt action rifles and other firearm styles
  • Inserts & secures into the bolt position
  • Features: Protects chamber and bore from damage Aligns rod with barrel for easier cleaning Reduces solvent leakage into action Fits most bolt action and MSR/AR style rifles Solvent port protects firearms finish from chemicals Thumbscrew collar lock for securing into bolt position
  • Packing Included: 1x 22.8 cm( L ) Plastic Rod 1x Dia2.49cm Ring 1x Dia1.72 Ring 1x Metal Rod 1x Small Calibre 1x Medium Calibre 1x Big Calibre Note: 1.Ensure your firearm is unloaded 2.Install appropriate tip for your rifle(see size guide below) 3.Remove bolt from rifle 4.Insert guide into action 5.Adjust collar so thumb screw fits into bolt closed position of stock 6.Wipe clean after use