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Brand: Stich Profi®
Material: 100% Genuine Leather

Made in Russia

Shoulder Holster is designed to carry and quick retrieval IOF Ashani,Walther PPK , CZ, Colt 32 Bore pistol. Holster design ensures a tight hold the gun while running, slope, tumbling, etc., but in addition to this and the immediate extraction of weapons in the right time.
This holster is made of genuine leather high-quality  and stitched thread with special impregnation, the increased thickness of the German company Gutermann.

In the production of holster used double-sided molding, which is performed on special equipment using the molding compound produced by Italian company KENDA FARBEN holster to give appropriate shape and rigidity. This technology provides the perfect customized fit weapon holster that provides the retention of weapons in a holster, even without additional strap.

Forming is performed on a specific type of weapon, which guarantees high quality products.

The holster is made in two main colors, black and brown (cognac color). The holster is designed to be hidden under outerwear on the left side, under the left hand with the right hand to extract the weapon. The position of the pistol is vertical.

The design of the holster provides a tight hold of the pistol when running, tilting, rolling, etc., but at the same time, instantly removing the weapon at the right time. From the inside of the holster there is a strap that fixes the holster itself to the trouser belt. The holster is equipped with two wide shoulder pads, which provide comfortable carrying of the weapon for a long time and evenly distribute the load on the shoulders.

Adjustment of the shoulder system is very simple and occurs with the help of special screws that allow you to adjust the size from 48 to 60. On the right side, for ease of wearing, so that the braces do not press under the arm and to evenly distribute the load on the shoulders, there is a brace, which, as well as on the left side secures the shoulder system to the trouser belt.