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About Gun License In India

Are you curious about gun laws in India? Look no further! We will discuss the process of obtaining a gun license in India. A gun license is an official permission granted by local police and DM Licence Authority that allows individuals to buy, possess, own, or carry a handgun. There are two types of licenses available: NPB (Non-Prohibited Bore) and PB (Prohibited Bore), with the latter reserved for defence personnel. These licenses are valid for five years and can be extended a month before expiry. Join us as we dive deeper into the requirements and regulations surrounding gun ownership in India. Stay informed and stay safe!

Indian law divides firearm licenses into two types:

  • Prohibited Bore (PB) includes fully automatic, semi-automatic firearms and some other specified types which can only be issued by the central government for certain groups of people;
  • Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) includes remaining types of firearms and may be issued by central and state governments for ordinary citizens.

Indian citizens can own a variety of guns, including:

  • Shotguns: Single-shot and double-barrel shotguns are the most common type of gun owned by civilians in India. They are typically used for hunting and self-defense.
  • Handgun: Revolver and Pistol Only NPB List According.
  • Rifles: Bolt-action rifles are also popular among Indian gun owners. They are used for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.
  • Air guns: Air rifles and pistols with a caliber of .177 inches (4.5 mm) or less and a muzzle energy of 20 joules or less can be owned without a license in India.

Other types of guns, such as some semi-automatic firearms, fully automatic firearms, and handguns, are prohibited for civilian ownership in India.