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GunAlly Neoprene IWB Concealed Holster is almost unquestionably the most popular carry type. The concealed carrying holster is designed for right-handed users to keep their guns safe and within arm’s reach. Its open-top design means fast, low-noise, and no-hindrance access to your weapon, and its neoprene fabric construction makes for a comfortable concealed stretcher. Equipped with a steel clip for 1.5 ” wide belts. Available in 3 sizes to fit most guns. This IWB holster is easily hidden in most untucked tees and button-downs, and throwing on a jacket gives you even more freedom. It’s lightweight, secure, and keeps your gun protected. The holster attaches to the waistband with a 1.5”  belt clip.
IWB concealed carry for max concealment
Suitable For :- IOF Revolver 32 Bore , Webley 32 Bore Revolver Size Mediam Size Guns,
* With soft neoprene material for max comfort.
* Stitched with nylon thread for strong durability.
* Equipped with steel belt clip to fit 1.5’’ wide belt.
* S/M/L/XL size is available to cover various gun model.