GunAlly Premium Series Made In Turkey 

No more fishing in your pocket for Ammo. This belt pouch is a universal Ammo Carrier, up to the task of carrying your Ammunation at the comfort of your waist. For the shooter who was always carrying ammo in his pocket. GunAlly Premium introduces the Ammo Belt Pouch. In addition to ammo in Loose Sac carriers, you can also carry magazines, tools or spare parts for guns.It has a built in top closure that keeps your gear in your pouch, and the dirt out. Sure, there are other ammo bags out there, but Holstery went to great lengths to make this one easier to use than ever.

This ammo pouch made of quality thick leather with solid stitching.

Handmade Genuine Leathers

● The leather is surprisingly thick and sturdy so it will hold it’s shape well.

● It will plenty for a full day of plinking and more than enough for an entire season of hunting.

Easy Carry

● It fits belt . Easy mounting or removing.

● Slips easily into your tactical belt.

● Will fit perfect in your tactical bag without hogging up extra space.

Holds: Universal Ammo Pouch .22 ,.32,.38 ,.45, 9mm Riflr Ammo 315, 3006, Shotgun12Bore Ammo Carry .