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The caliber .22 is a red laser Bore Sight for rifles

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1. .22 Red  Laser Bore Sight Introduction:

The caliber .22 is a red laser Bore Sight for rifles.

The maximum laser output power is 5.0mW at 650nm with high quality  brass and gold-plated material.             2. Bore Sight Applications:

a. Gun calibration

b. Simulation of ballistic

3. Caliber Laser Bore Sight Features:

a. High brightness & good looking housing: brass with gold-plated.

b. High precision: off axis angle is 0.1mrad.

c. Less power consumption: 4.5VDC low operating voltage.

d. Long life: > 8000 Hrs.

e. More efficiency.

f. Compact and lightweight.

g. Series product.

4. .22 Red Laser Bore Sight Specifications:

Laser Wavelength: 650nm

Type: Visible Red Laser

Power: 5mW

Battery: 2 x LR41 / LR626

Offaxis Angle: 0.1mrad

Range for Sighting: 5-100 yards

Dot Size: 1 inches at 25 yards

Construction: Brass, gold-plated

Temperature: -10 to +50°

Life Span: >8,000hrs

5. In the box:                    1 x .22 Bore Sight         1 x Rubber Pad                  2 x LR41 Battery