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Universal size will fit on almost all rifles, handguns and shotguns




Accidents do happen, but can be prevented by using the Gun Trigger Combination Lock. Every responsible gun owner will love this locking mechanism that protects the valuable guns from tampering and discourages theft. Made to fit most guns, this one lock is perfect for rifles, handguns and shotguns. It is easy to set and reset one’s own combination.  You  no longer have to search for keys or worry that they’ll fall into the wrong hands, you just have to create a combination. The trigger access is blocked until you remove the lock. It is a great additional safety measure to prevent children and inexperienced family and friends from activating the trigger.  Moreover, the cushion pads and rubber gasket protect your gun’s finish from being scratched or marred.

Major Features of Trigger Combination Lock:

  • * Ivation-Quality Design – The durable gun trigger combination lock is sure to last and keep the trigger locked & secure from accidental firing

  • * Keyless, Resettable Combination – No more searching for keys or trying to remember preset combinations; set your own unforgettable code

  • * Protective Gasket & Pads – Rubber gasket & special cushioned pads protect the gun’s delicate finish from being scratched or marred

  • * Fits Most Gun Triggers – Universal size will fit on almost all rifles, handguns and shotguns and ensure total safety of customer’s entire collection

  • * Easy on, easy off –Simple step by step instructions guide the customer in setting up the combination & lock quickly & easily