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Stay prepared and ready for any situation with the GunAlly .30/.32/.45 Slide Belt Ammo Bullet holder. This convenient ammo holder attaches easily to your belt thanks to its wraparound quick-detach belt loop, allowing for easy on and off without removing your belt. The strong elastic webbing securely holds your cartridges in place, ensuring they are always within reach when you need them. With the ability to hold rounds for multiple calibers, this pouch is perfect for avid shooters or law enforcement professionals. Plus, its durable construction means it can withstand rigorous use and provide rock solid support while loading and unloading your ammunition. Never be caught unprepared again with the GunAlly Slide Belt Ammo Bullet Pouch.

Note:- Elastic Loops are crafted to keep your cartridges safe, secure, and ready for action. Our elastic loops are designed with a snug fit that guarantees cartridges won’t slip out during intense field use- even if the material relaxes over time. Put your trust in Elastic Loops and know that your valuable weapons will be held tight at all times.

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.45 Bore, .32 or .30 Bore