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NOKRUST 60 Multipurpose Liquid Lubricant, Rust loosner, Rust Preventive, Moisture Remover 400 ML

  • Does not affect bluing
  • Helps stop squeaks.
  • Extra lubrication due to PTFE
  • Temporary corrosion protection.
  • Helps loosen and clean rust.
  • Excellent penetrating properties.
  • Frees sticky mechanisms.
  • Specially formulated for metals and alloys.
  • Drives out moisture.


NOKRUSTTM 60 is a heavy-duty multi-use lubricant, penetrant, rust preventive, rust loosener, and moisture remover specifically made for guns and weapons. This product does not affect bluing even when used in long run. There are dry lubricants added to enhance the lubrication further and even at high temperatures, the user will not face challenges.