GunAlly Belly Band Holster For Concealed Carry

GunAlly Belly Band Holster is the Most Comfortable and Flexible Way to Carry Concealed on the World Today.

What Makes it so Comfortable? 

*Made of High-Quality Neoprene Blend that Feels Soft your Skin and Flexes when you Bend.

*Breathable Neoprene Reduces heat and Sweat.

*Allows you to Carry Concealed without wearing a Belt or tight-fitting pants. You can Literally Carry Concealed with Gym shorts or Yoga pants.


Belly Band Carry Holster is Universal Size Fit Mostly Size Belly.

Holster Sizing:

Belly Band Holster Fit Revolver/Pistol Full Size, Compact, Sub-Compact and Micro Pistols and Revolvers any Size of Hand Gun.

Notice: Follow all Applicable Laws. Firearms can be Dangerous and should be handled with care, secured properly, and kept out of children. Never Place a Loaded Gun in these or other Holsters without testing. It is the user’s Responsibility to be confident the Firearms is Properly seated in the Holster. Do Not Use this Product for any other use then intended. Proper use is the Responsibility of the user GunAlly not Responsibility to educate or inform the user in the safe, effective and legal use of a Firearms.